Sifiso grew up in Sabie, Soweto, Alex and Swaziland. He found himself a political exile in the early 80’s when he was forced to leave the country and make his way back to Swaziland where he went to school, on to Tanzania and eventually New York and finally Toronto

He returned to South Africa in 1996 where he has been ever since and has remained strongly motivated to make a difference: politically, socially and culturally.

A social entrepeneur, a maverick thinker, a risk taker and a cultural activist he has always taken it upon himself to make a difference and this can never be undisputed. He has been relentless in his creative endeavours from the days of Dark City Jive, to the house of Tandoor in Rockey Street, to the Politburo Sessions, the house of NsAkO in Brixton, the SoJazzMeander and now the Roving Bantu Kitchen.

Sifiso has lived with his family in Brixton since 1997

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